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Arduino the documentary

The Arduino Documentary made by Laboral is out: Some parts are a bit to fluffy for my taste (mail me to get my definition of fluff), but I like the moments where they talk about open hardware. My preferred part is the moment where Massimo Banzi explained the choice for openness, in relation to the […]

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Re/Touches on socks

Mending socks is quite a classic in textile repair. Holes are easy to come by, fixing them is not very hard. You darn a sock, you try to re-weave the weave, reconstituting or trying to rebuild/resemble the original structure. Fabienne took some photographs before and after her repair. Notice that in her socks, the toes […]

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Re/Touches Ateliers

In November we started preparing the Re/Touches workshop. We = Fabienne, Eugenie, Rosalie, Laia and myself, a mix of artists, professional costumière/seamstresses, bricoleurs, hobbyists, enthousiasts – in no particular order/combination. All kinds of ideas started bubbling up and one of them an idea from Fabienne. She wanted to walk in Brussels, armed with her camera […]

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Miat Gent

In the beginning of December, as a kind of preparation of the Re/Touches workshop the following weekend, we visited the Gent museum of textile and industry. It’s a place which evokes quite a few contradictory feelings. On the one hand there are quite a lot of treasures and special machines, on the other hand this […]

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