Capacitor’s main theme is open hardware, opening up machines, building from scratch, prototyping with open platforms and tinkering. Through for example interviews with developers, bricoleurs, engineers and hobbyists Capacitor will dip its toe into the water of the open hardware sea which is out there.

With this a set of questions Capacitor will try to get some answers – and insights on how these developers/bricoleurs function.

What can be defined as open hardware?

Who chooses to develop open hardware?

What if scarcity is no longer a commodity?

What resources are out there to be open?

What licence do you use/choose?

What is a good tutorial?

Last but not least – one part of Capacitor will show the steps of a research trajectory called “Softwearables”, by Wendy Van Wynsberghe. This trajectory started in the beginning of 2009 and will continue till the end of 2010. It is funded by the VGC  (Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie), a Flemish Brussels government organisation.

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