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Objects in Common Worksession – RAW and unprocessed

In collaboration with Medialab Prado Constant organised the worksession ’Objects in Common’ as the final event in a series that started in 2015 with ’Funcionamientos: Objects in Common and Diverse Bodies’ followed by ’Interactivos? Material Cultures in the digital age’ and ’Grigri Pixel: makers and energy in African cities’. The series ’Objetos Comunes’ wants to […]

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Call for collaborators – Interactivos 15 – Material Cultures in the Digital Age.

Call to collaborate in the project workshop Interactivos?’15: Material Cultures in the Digital Age, that will be carried out from December 2 to 16, 2015. Collaborators will participate in the production of the selected projects. The workshop is complete with a series of conferences and meetings and takes place in the framework of the project […]

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Constant, Interactivos & more on Rtve, Radio 3, Spanish national radio

On the 2nd of December, Interactivos starts in Medialab Prado in Madrid, on the topic of “Objects in Common”. Six projects were selected and they will work intensely on their subject/object matter for two weeks. A small interview was done on the topic of these Objects in Common and more on fablabs in general on […]

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Diverted Objects

Invited by Constant, on Saturday the 12/09/2015 LibreObjet organized a workshop in their atelier, with the central idea of the fork. There were three times two hours of making lamps. Ingredients per person or design team: – 3 meter of white cable – one broomstick – two 220 lamp sockets – one white led – […]

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Etching Pcb’s with Vinegar & Peroxide

When you want to make a printed circuit on a small scale, there are several methods to do this. One involves specific chemicals, which are not so great. In these tutorials, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide is used, which should be more environmentally friendly. With a laserprinter you print your circuit on glossy paper, using the […]

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Crowdprinting – Let’s print a knitting machine together – ConstantV – Imprimons une machine a tricoter ensemble

(FR plus bas) For 29/01 we need to 3D print a hundred pieces for exhibiting the OpenKnit knitting machine Wally 120. We have started printing in Fablab-Brussels, but we need your contribution, as it is a slooooow process and we don’t have our own printer! If have (access) to a 3D printer and you want […]

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Raspberry Pi tricks for exhibitions – glitches

So, there are some glitches to make omxplayer loop with a script on a Raspberry Pi. When the script loops a very short file, it starts to crash quite quickly. I want to reproduce these errors and look for a solution later. One potential solution was to make the files being played bigger. So I […]

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Raspberry Pi tricks for exhibitions

I wanted to use Raspberry Pi’s to show a few .mp4 films, especially on old televisions & analog screens Here’s a list of tips and tricks: – Default (a reminder): login = pi, password = raspberry – sudo just works – no password –> you need it to halt & to reboot (and lots more, […]

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DD killed my partition table – Raspberry Pi woe’s

This post is a small mental note – a solution for a problem. For the third time I have killed an sd card by using the command dd. (they say something about donkeys – ezels in Dutch) You use dd to copy – but it can destroy without mercy. I followed the instructions on how […]

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eTextile Summercamp

From July 27th to August 2nd in Poncé sur le Loir, Claire Williams and I participated in the eTextile Summercamp. Along the week there were workshops and some talks – the reports & tutorials are still growing – including the recipes of the delicous food at Paillard: – Screen printing circuits – Energy Harvesting And […]

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