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Three-part WIRED series on the net neutrality debate

Here’s already part 1 and part 2.

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Software & Open Hardware – reprogramming MakeyMakey on Linux

Often in Open Hardware projects you have a direct link with software. Depending on the project, the connected software is more or less multiplatform. The more “public friendly’ your open hardware project, apparently the harder it becomes to get support for Linux. Or your project is so specific, it runs only on particular systems, under […]

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APT – TAFTA – TTIP – YNP (formally known as ACTA)

Bilingual (English and French) webcomic on the new acronym formally known as Acta

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Acta becomes TTIP

And protestors are getting blasted by water cannons.. Via BoingBoing Website on TTIP

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art Releases 400,000 Images Online for Non-Commercial Use

A small article and some fabulous images here… Julia Jackson by Julia Margaret Cameron

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Public Domain Review new website

* microblog* Public Domain review has a new website full of treasures.. Founded in 2011, The Public Domain Review is an online journal and not-for-profit project dedicated to promoting and celebrating the public domain in all its richness and variety. All works eventually fall out of copyright – from classics works of art to absentminded […]

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RGB Colour LCD Screen

How to make a narrative on an LCD screen: -> the colours have to change -> you have two times 16 characters -> every time you print a text on the screen, it has to be reset to it’s initial position Here’s a video of the first narrative I made for the “Big Fat Failed […]

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Just a machine working…

–> See here about the what and how..

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Raspberry Pi and touch

Not the greatest picture —> today I tried to combine the Rapsberry Pi with Makey Makey (basically a microcontroller that enables you to turn almost all conductive material into Keyboard input: left click, arrows or space). It works out of the box with the Raspberry Pi default Linux distribution called Rasbian. This opens up quite […]

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A paper, vinyl and fabric cutter

A new machine has arrived in Variable: a paper, vinyl and fabric cutter. The budget was limited, so we had to look in depth for machines that were not too expensive and that worked with Linux. The ideal scenario was to find a second hand (semi-)professional machine. Alas, none were available for our budget. A […]

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