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Etching Pcb’s with Vinegar & Peroxide

When you want to make a printed circuit on a small scale, there are several methods to do this. One involves specific chemicals, which are not so great. In these tutorials, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide is used, which should be more environmentally friendly. With a laserprinter you print your circuit on glossy paper, using the […]

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Raspberry Pi tricks for exhibitions

I wanted to use Raspberry Pi’s to show a few .mp4 films, especially on old televisions & analog screens Here’s a list of tips and tricks: – Default (a reminder): login = pi, password = raspberry – sudo just works – no password –> you need it to halt & to reboot (and lots more, […]

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eTextile Summercamp

From July 27th to August 2nd in Poncé sur le Loir, Claire Williams and I participated in the eTextile Summercamp. Along the week there were workshops and some talks – the reports & tutorials are still growing – including the recipes of the delicous food at Paillard: – Screen printing circuits – Energy Harvesting And […]

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Three-part WIRED series on the net neutrality debate

Here’s already part 1 and part 2.

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Software & Open Hardware – reprogramming MakeyMakey on Linux

Often in Open Hardware projects you have a direct link with software. Depending on the project, the connected software is more or less multiplatform. The more “public friendly’ your open hardware project, apparently the harder it becomes to get support for Linux. Or your project is so specific, it runs only on particular systems, under […]

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APT – TAFTA – TTIP – YNP (formally known as ACTA)

Bilingual (English and French) webcomic on the new acronym formally known as Acta

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art Releases 400,000 Images Online for Non-Commercial Use

A small article and some fabulous images here… Julia Jackson by Julia Margaret Cameron

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Public Domain Review new website

* microblog* Public Domain review has a new website full of treasures.. Founded in 2011, The Public Domain Review is an online journal and not-for-profit project dedicated to promoting and celebrating the public domain in all its richness and variety. All works eventually fall out of copyright – from classics works of art to absentminded […]

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Knitting the weather

A small post this time. “Lea Redmond is interested in “conceptual knitting” – knitting projects that go beyond the pattern to become a small act of performance, community outreach or experimentation. In fact, she’s just embarked on a year-long public project, and you’re invited to join in.” From Craft. A first project is a sky […]

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Melville & annotations

I’m preparing a talk on licenses and art, for next Tuesday. In my research I stumbled on the importance of books in the life of 19th century author Herman Melville. This post is not about the books that influenced him as such, but about the annotations he made in them. From Melville’s Marginalia: From youth […]

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