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RGB Colour LCD Screen

How to make a narrative on an LCD screen: -> the colours have to change -> you have two times 16 characters -> every time you print a text on the screen, it has to be reset to it’s initial position Here’s a video of the first narrative I made for the “Big Fat Failed […]

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Arduino the documentary

The Arduino Documentary made by Laboral is out: Some parts are a bit to fluffy for my taste (mail me to get my definition of fluff), but I like the moments where they talk about open hardware. My preferred part is the moment where Massimo Banzi explained the choice for openness, in relation to the […]

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On Multiplexers – or input hunger

For a project in December, where if all goes well I will have 45 hand-made sewn buttons to trigger 45 sounds. As I want to trigger real buttons from the physical realm, it is clearly microcontroller time. I will use an Arduino on the physical computing side of the set-up. An Arduino has a limited […]

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Code, Arts & Crafts

Each month iMal is organizing Codes Arts and Crafts with some excellent guidance. It’s quite refreshing to be able to go and get some help on Arduino code. So for the next session I will prepare my questions in advance…

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Softwearables – do(n’t) stand so close to me part 2 – a story and some code

Tomorrow there is the opening of Zennestraat 17 Rue de la Senne, and I was asked to show a bit of Softwearables in one of the Constant rooms in the building. I decided to work on the project I presented at The Ever Mass land in July – and to add sound to it plus […]

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Getting started with sewing electronics : books and manuals

Today I got a phone call by two ladies who are part of De geuzen, asking me : “hey Wendy, we want to start with sewing electronics into something wearable, where do we start?” Immediately I see a lot of links flashing before my eyes, books, tutorials, manuals, all with their specific qualities and specifications. […]

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A Frankenscript practice

At this moment I am trying to make an interactive distance measuring exercise, a second version of “Do(n’t) stand so close to me” with a sonar, 4 leds and a waveshield working together with an arduino. As I’m not a coder (yet?) I rely heavily on tutorials and the generosity of other coders that decide […]

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