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Getting started with sewing electronics : materials and lovely switches

Hannah Perner Wilson and Mika Satomi have made this second little chapter on sewing electronics really easy for me. I don’t have to do anything except point you to their website. To get started, go to that excellent reference archive: http://www.kobakant.at/DIY/. To learn more about possible materials you can use for sewing with electronics: start […]

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The material archive of Fo.am

In 2005, Fo.am organized a series of workshops – and one of them was entitled Softwear. I chose the name Softwearables to refer to their work – a kind of attribution. In this workshop series a lot of new materials were looked at: conductive thread and textiles, but also thermochromatic stuff (reacting to heat), UV-sensitive […]

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Bending sensors that prefer being pushed…

With the Instructable from Plusea as a guideline, I sewed two sensors that you should react to bening your finger – all this with the eventual purpose to be able to measure a handshake. These sensors we tested in the Arduino – midi workshop in the recently founded Hackerspace Brussels. Some software and an oscilloscope […]

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