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Reports Reports – number one – ADA, a day about sound in ‘s Hertogenbosch

The month of May has been busy busy. Lots of challenging activities, lectures, workshops, inside, outside and even more than a million Volts somewhere along the line. For posterity’s sake, and to keep a trace of past adventures I’ll try to reconstruct these activities in some stories. Here goes Report Number one; started in May, […]

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Code, Arts & Crafts

Each month iMal is organizing Codes Arts and Crafts with some excellent guidance. It’s quite refreshing to be able to go and get some help on Arduino code. So for the next session I will prepare my questions in advance…

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Thursday the 11 of March I’ll give a little hands on sewing and electronics workshop in the Media & Design Academy in Genk. Here’s the puntkom_04_flyer. You are welcome to join – you have to enroll. There is also another more brainstormy workshop by Berit Greinke, which I would follow if I were not giving […]

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Wearable tech

On Thursday I gave a little presentation at the academy ESAPV in Mons. I was invited by the Arts Numérique department run by Michel Cleempoel. (arts numérique could be translated as digital art) The morning began with a little presentation. I started out with talking a bit about Constant, what I do as a member […]

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St-Erme day one

This is the workspace space. All looks quite clean at the beginning… 14 We started on a little solar explanation in the sun. 15

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Bend sew feel read

Bend sew touch feel read was a workshop organized in Okno, with FoAm, Nadine and Constant as partners. This workshop was part of Softwearables and took place in the sunny weekend of the 24th of July. http://www.constantvzw.org/site/Bend-sew-touch-feel-read.html http://okno.be/node/862 http://www.kobakant.at/DIY/?p=1583 http://fo.am/node/1859 http://grig.info/events/bend-sew-touch-feel-read The main topic was making soft sensors, mostly with neoprene, conductive textiles and thread, […]

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